Where can I find a Dentist in Melbourne?

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If you’re looking for state-of-the-art dental care in the Melbourne area, make Suntree Smiles your destination. Providing a comprehensive range of dental services, from the essentials in preventive and emergency care, to the most advanced implant, prosthetic and cosmetic treatments for your smile, our experienced dentist is well equipped to address the dental needs of patients of all ages. As your dentist in Melbourne, Dr. Alfredo Torras is dedicated to remaining current with the latest technology and techniques so that you can benefit from the best that modern dentistry has to offer.

Emphasizing preventive dental care first and foremost, your dentist in Melbourne would like to help you avoid the development of dental disease. From additional treatments to shield your children’s teeth from dental decay, to careful periodontal exams and cleanings for adults at increased risk for gum disease, Dr. Torras can help you and your loved ones establish and maintain excellent oral health. For patients in need of replacing missing teeth, we offer the foremost options in care. From the highest quality custom bridgework, dentures, and dental implants, to the latest in implant-retained prosthetics, Dr. Torras can walk you through the most suitable treatments to rebuild your smile and will keep you well-informed throughout every phase of your oral care. As your dentist in Melbourne, we’re also an excellent resource in the event of a dental emergency. From the repair and replacement of damaged dentures, to the precise diagnosis and treatment of toothaches, jaw pain, cavities, dental injuries and more, you’ll be in the very best of hands should the urgent need for dental care befall you or a loved one.

For the exceptional quality dental care that you deserve, contact Suntree Smiles for your general, family and cosmetic dental needs. To schedule your next appointment, give a call to our friendly staff at the number below today!

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