Melbourne Root Canal

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By making Suntree Smiles your choice for general, emergency, and cosmetic dentistry in the area, you can feel confident that your smile is in the best of hands. At Suntree Smiles, Dr. Alfredo Torras provides a comprehensive range of dental services that are designed to serve the dental needs of patients of all ages. Whether it is treatment for a cavity or the need for Melbourne root canal therapy, you will be in excellent hands with Dr. Torras and his skilled, compassionate staff.

With modern advances in dental instrumentation and technology, teeth that have been injured, or ones that have extensive dental decay are routinely saved from a dental extractions with Melbourne root canal therapy. Following dental trauma, it is not uncommon for the delicate vital tissues inside the tooth to become damaged, non-vital, and vulnerable to infection. With deep dental decay, the same is true as well. With a stunning success rate that exceeds 95%, a root canal procedure remains the best way to save a tooth in which the dental nerve and vital core tissues have been compromised. Using the most precise technique and technology, your dentist at Suntree Smiles will carefully treat the inside of the affected tooth. Root canal therapy is performed tens of thousands of times each day across the nation and is responsible for saving millions of teeth every year. If you should require root canal therapy, you can rest assured that the procedure is as pain-free as getting a cavity filled, and is an extremely effective and predictable method of care.

If you’re in need of emergency dental care, whether it’s for Melbourne root canal therapy, the repair of damaged dentures, or a dental injury, you can count on the experienced dentist at Suntree Smiles. To schedule your next appointment for care, call our helpful staff at the number below today!

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