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For years, the American Dental Association has acknowledged the merits of preventive oral care to avoid the development of dental disease, saving countless patients from discomfort and the need for extensive dental treatment. By maintaining excellent oral hygiene habits at home and scheduling regular visits to your Melbourne dental office, you can help to prevent the onset of a wide range of dental conditions. At Suntree Smiles, our experienced dentist encourages you to be proactive in protecting the health of your smile. Highly skilled in all facets of care, Dr. Alfredo Torras and his talented staff are an exceptional resource for helping patients maintain optimal oral health.

When you visit your Melbourne dental office for your comprehensive oral exam, our dentist will carefully evaluate the health of your jaws, gums, and teeth, checking for any indications of dental disease or conditions, which may be harmful to your smile. By providing oral cancer screenings, and taking diagnostic films as needed, a host of dental issues can be detected, which may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Since the buildup of dental plaque leads to dental decay and gum disease, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the best methods for establishing and maintaining an excellent oral hygiene routine at home. If you’re at increased risk for dental disease due to crooked teeth or other health conditions, you can rest assured that our staff will take special care to provide you with the customized instruction you require for keeping your smile clean and healthy throughout the year. As an added level of protections against tooth decay, children are offer treatments such as periodic fluoride therapy and dental sealants to help shield and strengthen their developing teeth from cavities. Plus, parents are encouraged to ask questions regarding their children’s oral health at our office! If you’re not sure where to begin, you can depend on Dr. Torras to patiently explain all aspects of care.

When it comes to maintaining good oral health at any age, the research all points to the insight that professional oversight from a skilled and experienced dentist is essential. To schedule your next visit for preventive oral care, contact your Melbourne dental office at Suntree Smiles today!

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